So you want to make a Kyrlicht?

This is what you need to know


What is a kyrlicht?
  • Kyrlicht are a type of magical being that reside deep in their home realm, the Wildwoods. They can be summoned by humans and other living things to form contracts, that ultimately allow them to strengthen their own bond to magic. When a Kyrlicht reaches their full potential, they gain the ability to ascend, and become gods.


What is mandatory in a Kyrlicht Design?

The mascot, Talen, with arrows pointing to specific traits.

"How can I help?"

Let's take a look at our mascot, Talen. If not otherwise specified, all the traits are common.

  • Every Kyrlicht carries a crown with them! This crown floats behind or around their head, and is either made of metal or a non organic material, such as marble or plastic. They can be any shape you'd like and can have jewels embedded in them.

  • A Kyrlicht can have either Mammal Ears, any kind of Horns or Head Wings. These can be regular, or have flame tips, as you can see with Talen.


Head Spheres
  • They all cary two Head Spheres with them. These must be round and undamaged, however the position can be around the head, such as at the temples, above the head or even behind. Please note that these are always surrounded by flames.

Knot & Tassel
  • A Kyrlicht always has a set of Knot & Tassels, and both must be the same. These must be made of metal and/or thread, which includes cloth. Note that these do not need to be attached to the Kyrlicht, but rather float by the temples.

  • Also named Floating Spheres. A Kyrlicht will usually have 0 - 3 floaters that swirl around them. These must also be round and undamaged. These must also be surrounded by flames.

Segmented Tail
  • A Kyrlicht's tail can take on any shape, but has between 1 - 3 segments, aka a "short tail". These segments must all be undamaged. It is allowed to have multiple tails, but these must not exceed the segment count.
  • The tail may be filled with magic (as the example above), fire, or with your selected matter.


There is a range of additional traits (including optional ones), that you can see here (link).