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You can find the universal Terms of Service for the semi-closed species Kyrlicht, and the other species that can be found within the Wildwoods, such as Hounds, Patrons, Wolpergeist, and any that are added going into the future. In further text, they will be collectively referred to as Kyrlicht, unless otherwise specified.

Kyrlicht is an Art Roleplaying Group and a collection of various Species (open/semi-closed/closed) created and owned by Grimling. Participation in Canon events and lore, while welcomed, is not mandatory to the usage of the site and overall participation in the species.

By joining and participating in Kyrlicht, you expressely understand and agree to the terms and condition set by the Owner and team.



  • Kyrlicht is an 18+ SFW (Safe For Work) Species and community space.
    • If you are found to be lying or fabricating your age to access the space, you will be banned and blacklisted.
    • Any NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content should be kept private and behind the appropriate Warnings, as not everyone wishes to see explicit content.
    • Any NSFW content that is found to be illegal shall conclude in an immediate banning and blacklisting.
  • Kyrlicht are for personal use only.
    • If you wish to use your character for commercial purposes, please contact staff to discuss a possible voiding or method to remove Kyrlicht specific traits.
  • The Kyrlicht team reserves the right to deny services to anyone.
    • If you have proof of actions taken by an individual and feel the need to contact the team, please email us here:
  • We have a Discord server (link), which has faster and more convenient communication between members of the community and staff.



  • To participate in the community and species, you need a MYO (Make Your Own) Slot. These are different slots for the different species found within the Wildwoods, and this community.
    • While we do not condone the practice of "offbranding", we do not endorse  any kind of witch hunt or harassment of those who choose to follow that path.

  • MYO Slots do not expire.
  • FTO (First Time Owners) receive a Common Kyrlicht MYO upon joining. If you have not yet received this within a week, please contact any of the staff in our discord server.



  • We do not allow the use of any AI generators or character makers in the process of designing your MYO.  Art must be human made, either by yourself or an artist you have commissioned.
    • Bases are allowed, but must come with credit and the rights you have purchased yourself.
  • Any designs submitted are not permitted to be replicas of coprighted IP (Intellectual Property) or make reference to such. If you are found to be sneaking one in due to staff not being familiar with the IP,  you will receive a warning strike and the design will be voided and removed from the species.

  • Tracing will result in an immediate a strike.
  • Art Theft will result in an immediate ban and blacklisting.
  • Due to the fluid nature of Kyrlicht, your Kyrlicht is allowed to have multiple gender presenting forms if so desired. However, all basics such as eye color, hair colors, trait presentation, etc. must remain the same.
    • Only one of these forms is present in the official ML entry, but you are welcome to request a change at any time.


  • Redesigns are allowed.
    • Traits must remain the same, unless an upgrade has been used (e.g. a special trait or blessing)
    • There is a 4 week cooldown on redesigns.
  • When redesigning commissioned or purchased designs, you must follow the artist's Terms of Service before making any changes to a design.
    • Please DO NOT edit another artist's work!
  • We will not approve any redesigns that would change things specific to minority cultures or communities, such as lightening a character's skin or removing vitiligo.
Voiding - Removal From Species
  • When requesting a character/design to be voided from the species, we require proof that the following has been removed from the official design:
    • The Head Spheres, Floaters, Matter Joints and Matter Tail.
  • When attempting to void an official design or Guest Artist design, this requires proof that the artist has agreed to the change.


Design Trade/Sale/Gift

  • You may trade/sell/gift your own Kyrlicht that was created from an MYO slot.
    • This includes designs created from a FTO Slot.
  • All sales and transfers must be done through Lorekeeper. This enables us to keep track of designs and keep things organized.
  • Transfers have a 2 week cooldown.
  • If you have received a Kyrlicht via Trade, you are not permitted to sell it for RLC (Real Life Currency) unless additional art has been commissioned before.
  • Do not sell any designs or slots for more than they were purchased for.
  • FTO Slots may not be sold, regifted or traded.



  • Payment on site will be taken through either the official in-game currency, or USD.
  • In-game currency may be gifted or traded, but not sold for RLC (Real Life Currency).
  • All purchases of official adopts, Guest Artist adopts and MYO slots are non refundable once the transaction has been completed.
  • Please follow the artists' Terms of Service when purchasing a design, along with the general species T.o.S.


Conduct Of Community Members

We are a LGBTQIAP+ friendly server and community.


As mentioned above, under General, we have an open door policy when it comes to submitting concerns regarding other members or staff members' conduct. You can either email us at or submit a ticket. This includes concerns regarding hacking or exploitation of any of the in game systems.

We expect the following from members

  • Civil and polite discussion, even when you personally might not get along.
  • Respecting each other's boundaries. If you are requested to move on from a topic, do so.
  • Compassion and understanding; we are all from different corners of the world, with different stories and experiences guiding us in our actions.
  • If you think you might have understood another incorrectly, please ask for clarification or tone indicators (link).

more to come as this page is updated (last update 03/01/2024)


Warning System

We work on a three strike warning system. If you are found to be consistently breaking rules, or harassing others, engaging in drama, etc. we will contact you with a notice regarding your strike.

Any posts or actions taken outside the community will not be taken into consideration, unless those are genuinely illegal or harmful to another, e.g. doxxing. Please note that we do not monitor your behavior or posts.


However, we do reserve the right to an immediate removal from the community (Ban) and blacklisting if you are found to be committing any of the aforementioned reasons for it, such as Art Theft. Furthermore, this includes the following:

  • Abuse or harassment of the staff team


Strike Forgiveness

Strikes may be dropped from your record a year after the incident has passed.

  • It is the responsibility of the community member to request this removal.
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