Ah, so you've finally found your way here, yes?

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I know it must be frightening, to awaken to a world so wonderfully alien to anything you might know - or not know, rather. You are new here, a blessing to us all and a newcomer to the wonderful existence that is living in the Wildwoods. Oh shush Lucy, they'll be fine! There's nothing dangerous here yet. It is a world of mystery and magic, and thousands of secrets and treasures to explore! Of places to find, and places to forget - I might have forgotten to mention that magic quite loves a good joke - and things to experience! The World Tree of Vesu, the Citadel City with it's thousand staircases, the far depths of the ocean and so many more! And we haven't even gotten to your actual calling yet - yes, Lucy, I haven't forgotten! Our gods, our patrons have carved a path for us Kyrlicht - one to godhood, so we may take our own place amongst their ranks.

As you might have noticed, or rather felt, there is magic all around us - a constant stream of power and pure in all its glory. We are just a tad too small and fragile to access this in its entirety, and so we must practice our magic bit by bit, so we may grow accustomed to it. You will see quite a few old Kyrlicht in your travels, and I beseech you, do not ask why they are yet to become gods themselves. There are quite a few of them who would take your core, right then and there.

I shall warn you here, lest Lucy have a heart attack, that you should always keep your guard up. We might be powerful, but there are many things - living, dead and frankly, all things in between - that can and will kill you when given the chance. And I'm not even talking about the humans. This time.

Anyways, Her Ladyship requires your attention.