Vesu City

A volcanic crater with the biggest tree you will ever see growing in the center of it.

Vesu City, also known historically as the City of Rebirth, stands proudly as a beacon of resilience and eternal hope. Nestled into the gargantuan crater at the top of Mount Vesu, it is home to many different species, from the Kyrlicht to the many Wolpergeist scurrying through the alleys. This large variety of cultures and species has made Vesu an incredibly vibrant place to be, and has built it into true hub for merchants and craftsmen of all kinds.

The heart of Vesu is Aegis, the tree that stands at the center of it all. The roots dig deep into Mount Vesu, almost growing over it. Much of Vesu can be found within the branches of Aegis, the houses and building interconnected by delicate walkways, intersecting and crossing every which way. It is said that only a true Vesutian will know how to traverse the maze of paths, and get you where you need to go. The most important buildings can be found towards the top; the court of Her Highness, the Empressa. Nothing may be built above, and so the branches of Aegis soar ever farther into the sky, with only the flash of fiery wings to keep them company.

Although Vesu City was founded long before her time, the Empressa is it's most beloved ruler, after a quick and painless coup removed the previous Emperor. She is the one who transformed the city into what it is today, and her strict but fair rule has allowed small and large businesses alike to thrive. It is by her command that the city remains open at all times, and so the city has kept it's reputation of a great place to be. From the great market under Aegis, to the colorful alleyways and the beautiful stained glass domes of the Guilds, Vesu is beautiful.

However, beneath the superficial brightness and beauty lies a history of blood and fire. One must never forget that Mount Vesu is simply dormant, for now.

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Biome: The Burrows