A city underwater.


Thalasurrus is many things, but boring it most definitely is not. Founded a long time ago by His Royal Highness Long Ming, Surrus is a patchwork city, built into the bones of civilizations that came before. All the architecture is much, much older than it's inhabitants, but everything has been repurposed, from old ruins with new homes, to temples long forgotten now becoming community centers. All of this, submerged under the water.

Surrus has one official entry from the land, a port town based on the Thala Archipelago, but as any Kyrlicht and other water-based species can simply walk or swim up to the city, this is mostly for those who require assistance descending to the depths. While the town itself is not that deep, some sections overlook major drops into the Abyss, and so travel along the edges should be undertaken with caution.

The city, while diligently overseen by Long Ming, is mainly one where the average inhabitant is left to their own devices. This does not mean it is a city of crime, but rather that it has become a home to outsiders and those looking for adventure in the unknown. It is not unusual to find a merchant of borderline illegal goods in friendly neighborly conversation with the local guard, and many similar occurances. As long as the city keeps standing, the king minds his own business, and is that much more popular for it.

Although Kyrlicht do not need to breathe oxygen, the city is covered by domed bubbles, each of which is powered by magic. As such, it is an organic, moving thing and can shift to accommodate more space as the city continues to grow.