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Subtypes: Crossbreed

Kyrlicht are born Willow Wisps, that through careful care by the Groundskeeper, crystallize into their forms as we know them; humanoid figures that seek the gather power and ascend to gods. Once in humanoid form, they become able to visit other realms and form contracts with other living beings, and through this method are able to strengthen themselves.

It is fact known only to patrons that Kyrlicht are born of human souls, selected for the strength of their desires and passions, and as such are selected and become unable to pass on to the afterlife.


A patron is a god; an ascended kyrlicht.

Each patron has a dominion that they watch over, and tend to. If a patron neglects their duties, the effect on the realm(s) is immediate.


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Hounds are carefully selected souls that have been plucked from their path to the afterlife by patrons to become their avatar or more simply, henchmen. These souls have unfinished business that made them attractive targets for the patrons to offer contracts that allow them to finish said business in exchange for service to the gods.


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A rabbit like creature that has been deeply affected by the magic present in the Wildwoods.

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