Trait Categories

<a href="" class="display-category">Crown</a>


A collection of traits that affect the appearance of a Kyrlicht's crown.

<a href=" Spheres" class="display-category">Head Spheres</a>

Head Spheres

A Kyrlicht will commonly have head spheres that represent their attachment to the magic in their home realm.


The mandatory joints that are filled with the material are: shoulders, elbow, hips and knees. The other joints are optional.

Any bipedal legs are allowed, such as bird legs, dragon legs, kemonomimi, regular human legs, etc.

Floating Spheres

The spheres that can float further away from the body.


Your Kyrlichts has attracted the attention and favor of a Patron!


Also known as Material, this is is what is found within the spheres of a Kyrlicht.


Basic traits that all Wolpergeist should have, including optional ones.

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